Ferretti & Ferretti

Ferretti and Ferretti was founded in 1966 in the province of Pisa, the heart of Tuscany, as a traditional workshop, transformed over the years into a consolidated industrial company that has constantly updated its production in line with trends in style and taste and fully respecting tradition. The company has gradually refined its traditional working method, in which manual skills, experience and the quality of the materials used are the key business elements. The constant search for quality cannot ignore the technological aspect so as to guarantee maximum precision and function. Our commitment has always been to produce quality furniture yet uphold responsibility towards safeguarding health and the environment in which we live. It is for this reason that the coatings we use for interior and exterior surfaces are water-based products. To offer the maximum guarantee in terms of lightness and stability of the wardrobes, the structure, doors and shelves are in hollow core whilst the frame is in solid spruce, counterveneered with panels in natural Tanganyikan walnut veneer the rear panel in 6 mm multi-ply poplar further guarantees stability.

Official site: https://www.ferrettieferretti.it/

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