About Us


    We are an international platform for ordering design furniture from European factories and shipping them to anywhere in the world. We have three customer support offices which are located in Italy, Russia and UAE with headquarter in Dubai.

    Since 2011 we have been completed residential and commercial premises in different styles from modern classic to minimalism, including furniture, lighting, accessories, as well as kitchens.

    We work directly with a large number of European suppliers especially italian fabrics, so we offer transparent and competitive prices.

   Interior Domus was build to reveal individuality and to spread the beauty of high quality design for our lovely home.


“Domus propria — domus optĭma”



We offer transparent and attractive pricing for leading furniture brands thanks for no show-room maintenance costs and longstanding collaborations with a huge number of suppliers.
Our managers provide professional advice for you to choose from a large number of alternatives depending on the budget, size range and design.
We offer assistance with the delivery, assembly and installation of furniture, kitchen and lighting.
We offer to you not just furniture, but something that will really please you, your loved ones and guests, and will become an integral part of your interior.